Like many great things in life, pupsicool started as a happy accident. A couple years ago, I boiled a venison bone for my new rescue dog Bowdie. As an afterthought, I put the water from the pot in the freezer hoping she might like it as a flavorful ice cube later. And then I forgot about it.

Two weeks later, on a hot Texas afternoon, Bowdie was on doggie bedrest recovering from her heart worm treatment. I discovered the frozen ice block and put it on the patio for her to enjoy. She went crazy for it!

That got me thinking. I started researching bone broth and venison for dogs and discovered many benefits, like how they were low calorie and gentle on sensitive tummies. I realized I had created a new guilt-free dog treat!  

These new ice pops were unlike other frozen treats available in stores. They didn’t contain sugar found in ice cream, dairy found in frozen yogurt, or added sodium and preservatives found in store-made broth. Since I couldn’t buy anything like it, I brewed another batch to keep Bowdie cool and entertained when we were out enjoying our South Austin neighborhood.

Curious two- and four-footed neighbors and friends were intrigued and requests for this interesting new treat came pouring in. One year later I left my “day job” to start pupsicool and introduce our healthy pops to the world.

We are extremely grateful to the many local retailers, fans, and supporters who have joined our pupsicool pack. We may not be a big name yet, but everyone loves an underdog.

With Love from ATX,

Julie & Bowdie